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MOTHERS' REMEDIES for Toothache, Dry Salt and Alum for

Categories: Digestive Organs

1. "Equal parts.
Take common salt and alum. Mix and pulverize these together, wet a small

piece of cotton and cause the mixture to adhere to it and place in the

hollow tooth. At first a sensation of coldness will be produced, which

will gradually disappear, as will the toothache. This is an excellent

remedy and should be given a trial by any person suffering with this


2. Toothache, Oil of
loves Quick Relief for. "If the tooth has a cavity

take a small piece of cotton and saturate with oil of cloves and place in

tooth, or you may rub the gum with oil of sassafras." These are both good

remedies, and will often give relief almost instantly.

3. Toothache, Home-Made Poultice for. "Make a poultice of a slice of

toast, saturate in alcohol and sprinkle with pepper and apply externally.

This will give almost instant relief."

4. Toothache, Clove Oil and Chloroform for. "Clove oil and chloroform,

each one teaspoonful. Saturate cotton and apply locally."

5. Toothache, Sure Cure for.

"Peppermint water 1/2 ounce

Nitre 1/4 ounce

Chloroform 1 dram

Ether 1 dram

Oil of mustard 10 drops

Remark: This remedy will give relief where all others fail. Not only

for toothache, but for neuralgia pains in any part of the body, apply

with cloth moistened and lay on the parts affected. Continue until


6. Toothache, Salt and Alum Water for. "Fill a bottle of any size half

full of equal parts of pulverized alum and salt, then fill up the bottle

with sweet spirits of nitre. Shake and apply it to the tooth and gums.

Apply it freely, as there is nothing to hurt or injure you."

7. Toothache, Oil of Cinnamon for. "A drop of oil of cinnamon will

frequently relieve very serious cases of toothache. Apply to the tooth

with a little cotton. This will at least give temporary relief until you

can see your dentist and have the tooth treated."

8. Toothache, Reliable Remedy for. "Chloroform, clove oil, alcohol, one

half ounce of each. Mix together and saturate a piece of cotton and place

it in the tooth. This is sure to give relief."

9. Toothache, From Decayed Teeth. "If the tooth is decayed take a small

piece of raw cotton, saturate with chloroform and place in cavity."