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Categories: Respiratory Diseases

These are common in "consumption" and constitute one of the
most distressing features of the disease. They usually occur when the

fever drops in the early morning hours, or at any time of the day when the

patient is sleeping. They may come on early in the disease, but are more

persistent and frequent after cavities have formed in the lungs; some of

the patients escape it altogether.

l. Night Sweats, Salt Bath for. "Bathe the body in

salt water every other day. Just before retiring take a cup of sage tea,

and eat nourishing food," The salt acts as an astringent as it slightly

closes up the pores, and the sage establishes a better circulation and at

the same time helps the sweating. This is a very simple and effective


2. Night Sweats, Cold Sage for. "Drink cold sage tea, before retiring."

This cold sage tea is only to be used when the patient has a fever and

needs a cold drink. In case of this kind it would be effective.