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Oily seborrhoea

Categories: Diseases of The Skin

Symptoms. This appears most frequently upon the nose
and forehead and sometimes upon the scalp. The skin looks oily,

glistening, with the appearance of dust adhering to it. Small drops of oil

are seen to ooze out of the follicles and when wiped off it reforms at

once. The ducts of the follicles appear gaping or they are plugged with

black-heads (comedones). The hair is rendered unusually oily, when it

appears on the scalp, an
it is especially noticeable on bald heads. It is

very common in the negro, almost natural or physiological.

Dry Seborrhoea. This is a more common form and occurs upon the hairy or

non-hairy parts, but chiefly upon the scalp (dandruff). The affected

parts are covered with grayish, greasy scales, which are easily dislodged,

the skin underneath is oily and slate gray in color. This type of the

disease forms one type of dandruff. When it is of long standing the hair

becomes dry and falls out.

Mixed type. This type is common upon the scalp. The surface is covered,

more or less, with scales and crusts. If the disease continues long the

hair becomes dry, lusterless and falls out. Permanent baldness may result.

Causes. These may be constitutional and local. "Green sickness"

(chlorosis), disorders of the stomach and bowels are often the cause.

Local. Uncleanness, lack of care of the scalp, heavy and airtight hats

may cause it. Some writers claim parasites are the cause.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Dandruff, Home Preparation from New York State

Mother. "Into one pint of water drop a lump of fresh quick-lime, the size

of a walnut; let it stand all night, pour off the clear liquid, strain,

and add one gill of the best vinegar, wash the roots of the hair with the

preparation. It is a good remedy and harmless."

2. Dandruff, a Barber's Shampoo for. "Shampoo with the following:

Sassafras 5 cents worth

Salts of Tartar 10 cents worth

Ether 10 cents worth

Castile Soap 5 cents worth

Dissolve the above in one gallon of soft water. Rinse the hair thoroughly

and repeat as often as necessary. This recipe was given me by a barber and

I find it very good,"

3. Dandruff, Lemon Juice for. "Cut a lemon in two, loosen the hair and

rub the lemon into the scalp. Do this in the evening before retiring, for

about a week, then stop for a few nights, then use for another week, and

so on until cured."

4. Falling Hair, a Brook, Ontario, Lady Prevents. "Garden sage, make a

quart sage tea, add equal parts (a teaspoonful) of salt, borax and

rosewater, and one-half pint of bay rum. Wet the head with this every


5. Hair Restoratives, Simple and Harmless. "A simple and harmless

"invigorator" is as follows:

Cologne Water 2 ounces

Tincture of Cantharides 2 drams

Oil of Lavender 10 drops

Oil of Rosemary 10 drops

Use twice daily. If it makes the scalp a tittle sore, discontinue for a

short time."

6. Dandruff, Talcum Powder an Excellent Remedy for. "Take talcum powder

and sprinkle in the hair thoroughly, then brush," This is a very good


PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT for Dandruff. If there are general diseases, they

should be treated.

Local--In mild cases, shampooing with hot water and a good soap may be

sufficient when the scales and crusts are thick and abundant; first soften

them with olive oil and then remove them with hot water and green soap.

After the scalp has been cleaned, the remedies should be applied. The

remedies should be thoroughly rubbed in and applied in the form of

ointments or lotions and used once daily. Cutting the hair may be

necessary. The odor of sulphur may be overcome by the use of perfume. If

the scalp becomes too dry after shampooing some oil should first be

applied, whatever application is used afterwards.

Remedies. Resorcin, sulphur, salicylic acid, in combination with other

ingredients. Some favorite prescriptions are now given:

1. Resorcin 1 to 2 drams

Pure Castor Oil 1 dram

Alcohol 2 ounces

Mix and rub well into the scalp.

2. Precipitated Sulphur 1 dram

Salicylic Acid 15 grains

Ointment Petrolatum 1 ounce

3. Washed Sulphur 4 drams

Castor Oil 10 drams

Oil of Cocoa 1 ounces

Balsam of Peru 1/2 ounce

Apply twice daily.

4. Carbolic Acid 20 drops to 1 dram

Oil of Almonds 4 drams

Oil of Lemon 1 dram

Distilled Water, enough to make 2 ounces

Apply after washing.

The oily type is best treated with lotions and powders. The disease is

very obstinate, but generally gets well.