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Categories: Diseases of The Skin

1. Subnitrate of Bismuth 3 drams

Oleate of Zinc 3 drams

Lycopodium 2 drams

Mix. Apply to the parts three times daily.

2. Powdered camphor mixed with vaselin is healing.

3. Ointment of water of roses (cold cream) is a soothing application. It

can be improved by adding a little glycerin and benzoic acid--this keeps

it sweet in warm

4. Powdered zinc oxide, or starch as a dusting powder.

FACE CREAMS, Mothers' Preparations. l. Cream of Pond Lilies. "This

agrees especially well with oily skins; will keep indefinitely.

Orange Flower Water, triple 6 ounces

Deodorized Alcohol 1-1/2 ounces

Bitter Almonds, blanched

and beaten in a mortar 1 ounce

White Wax 1 dram

Spermaceti 1 dram

Oil of Benne 1 dram

Shaving Cream 1 dram

Oil of Bergamot 12 drops

Oil of Cloves 6 drops

Oil of Neroli Bigrade 6 drops

Borax 1/5 ounce

Dissolve the borax in the orange flower water, slightly warmed. Mix the

wax, spermaceti, oil of benne and shaving cream in a bainmaire, at gentle

heat. Then stir in the perfumed water and almonds. Strain through a clean

muslin strainer, place in a mortar and while stirring gradually work in

the alcohol in which the oils have been previously dissolved."

2. Face Cream, When Facing our North Winds, in Canada, I Use

this. "Honey, almond meal, and olive oil to form paste. Use after getting

skin cleaned. I used it myself and find it good when going out driving."

3. Face Cream, Lanolin Cream.

Lanolin 1 ounce

Sweet Almond Oil 1/2 ounce

Boric Acid 40 drops

Tincture of Benzoin 10 drops

This is a good skin food to be rubbed into the skin with the tips of the


4. Face Cream, Cucumber Lotion.

"Expressed Juice of cucumbers 1/2 pint

Deodorized Alcohol 1-1/2 ounces

Oil of Benne 3-1/4 ounces

Shaving Cream 1 dram

Blanched Almonds 1-3/4 drams

The preparation of this is the same as for almond lotion. It is an

excellent cosmetic to use in massaging the face and throat, as it not only

tones any relaxed tissues, but also may be used to cleanse the skin during

the day. A complexion brush is an excellent investment; one should be

chosen that has fine camel's hair bristle's. It should be used in

connection with good soap."

5. Face Cream, Almond Lotion to Whiten and Soften the Skin.

"Bitter Almonds, blanched and beaten 4 ounces

Orange Flower Water 12 ounces

Curd Soap (or any fine toilet soap) 1/2 ounce

Oil of Bergamot 50 drops

Oil of Cannelle 10 drops

Oil of Almonds 20 drops

Alcohol (65% solution) 4 ounces

Powder or break up the soap; dissolve in the orange flower water by

heating in a bain-maire, gradually work almonds into the soap and water.

Strain and finish as directed above. This is a bland lotion, very

cleansing, whitening and softening."

6. Face Cream. the Cold Ontario Wind Harmless When Using this. "Wash in

warm water, rub face dry with corn-meal. This takes place of bottle