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Categories: Constitutional Diseases

Dr. Hare gives the following to
rub on large joints:

1. Ichthyol 1/2 to 1 ounce

Lard 1 ounce

2. Tincture of Aconite 6 drams

Tincture Arnica 1 ounce

Oil of Turpentine l ounce (l or 2)

Soap Liniment enough for 8 ounces

Use as a liniment three times a day. This can be used for some weeks.

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3. Strong Water of Ammonia 6 drams

Oil of Cajeput 1 dram

Tincture of Belladonna 1 to 2 ounces

Camphor Liniment enough for 8 ounces

Use as a liniment.

4. Tincture of Aconite 1 ounce

Tincture Belladonna 2 drams

Strong Ammonia Water 4 drams

Chloroform Liniment 6 drams

Used as a liniment on chronic or inflamed muscles or joints.

5. Iodide of Potash 1/2 ounce

Compound Syrup of Sarsaparilla 3 ounces

Distilled Water 3 ounces

Mix and take a dessertspoonful in a glass of water two hours after meals

for chronic rheumatism.

6. This is prepared by Parke, Davis & Co., and made into a syrup:

Red Clover 32 grains

Queen's Root 16 grains

Barberry 10 grains

Prickly Ash Bark 4 grains

Burdock Root 16 grains

Poke Root 16 grains

Honduras Bark 16 grains

Iodide of Potash 8 grains

This portion to each fluid ounce of the syrup.

7. The following is good:

Equal parts of each of the following:

Blue Cohosh Root

Black Cohosh Root

Poke Root

Yellow Dock Root

Blue Flag Root

Prickly Ash Root

Burdock Root

Dandelion Root

Bruise them thoroughly or grind them coarsely, steep and make a tea and

drink freely of it. If you wish you can take three to five grains of

Iodide of Potash to each dose. This may in time disorder the stomach and

you may then stop it for a time. All these can be used in muscular

rheumatism also. The food should not be rich or highly seasoned. Spices

are bad for such patients. Pickles, mustard, etc., are best let alone.