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Categories: Digestive Organs

The only way to treat it is to treat
the disease that causes it. Here I may mention a very simple remedy; a tea

made from wood soot is frequently helpful. It is the creosote in the wood

soot that gives it its medical virtue.

2. For nervous vomiting; two to five drops of garlic juice is good. Dose

of syrup for a child [is] one teaspoonful. Dose of syrup for an adult is

four teaspoonfuls.

3. A little brandy on cracked ice is often good.

4. Oil of cloves, one-half to one drop, helps in some cases.

5. Lime water added to milk is good in babies.

6. Vinegar fumes, saturate a cloth and inhale the fumes.

7. Seidlitz powder often settles the stomach, soda also.

8. Mustard plaster over the stomach is good in all cases.

9. One-tenth of a drop of ipecac is good for nausea and vomiting.

10. One-half of a drop of Fowler's solution every two hours is useful in

nausea following a spree. So also one drop dose of nux vomica every half