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Punctured Wounds

Categories: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

From a sharp pointed instrument, nail, etc. The first
thing to do is to cleanse the wound thoroughly with hot water and about

one-half ounce of salt to a pint of water. Keep this up constantly for

one-half hour. Then if it is from a nail, put on a bread and milk poultice

hot, and keep changing it every ten minutes to keep it good and hot. Keep

this going for at least an hour. Salt pork can then be put on and kept on;

or a cloth dipped in hot salt water can be applied, and kept on for a few

hours when it can be dressed as other wounds are. There should be no

throbbing pain the next day. A wound of this kind should be dressed every

day, with great care in the matter of cleanliness. It is lack of

cleanliness that usually causes trouble, either the poison that gets into

the wound at the time of injury or that is allowed to get in and infect

the wound afterwards. Clean hands, tools, basins, dressings and boiled

water are essential to a quick healing.