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Rusty Nail Wound, Simple Guard Against Serious Results from

Categories: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

little while we read of someone who has run a rusty nail in his foot or

some other part of his person, and lockjaw has resulted therefrom. All

such wounds can be healed without any fatal consequences following them.

It is only necessary to smoke such wounds or any wound or bruise that is

inflamed, with burning wood or woolen cloth. Twenty minutes in the smoke

will take the pain out of the worst case of inflammation ari
ing from any

wound I ever saw." Put on a poultice of bread and milk, changing every

five or ten minutes. After this bind on salt pork and keep on for several


MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Cuts, Iodoform and Vaselin Salve for Barb Wire.

"Iodoform 1 teaspoonful.

Vaselin 1 ounce."

Before applying the above salve it is very necessary to cleanse the

affected parts with a solution made of one teaspoonful of salt to a pint

of water. If the iodoform is offensive to some people, you may use the

vaselin alone, although the iodoform is known to be one of the best

healing remedies that can be obtained.

2. Cuts, Turpentine Good in Small Quantities for. "For cuts and any open

wound pour turpentine in and put a piece of absorbent cotton on and soak

well with the liniment, tie up, and leave it so until dry, then pour on

some more." Care should be taken in using turpentine, not to put too much

on the wound, as it may cause proud flesh in some people; a little of it

is very healing and effective.

3. Cuts, Tincture of Myrrh for Fresh. "Use freely of the tincture of

myrrh by saturating a cloth and applying to the parts affected." This

tincture of myrrh may be purchased at, any drug store, and is a very

effectual remedy for fresh wounds of any description. It is slightly

contracting, and has great healing qualities.

MOTHERS' REMEDIES. 1. Bleeding, Unusual Way to Stop. "If fresh, sprinkle

full of black pepper. It will not smart, and is soon healed. If not fresh,

clean with a weak solution saleratus and cover while wet with pepper. This

has been tried many times in our home and has never failed."

2. Bleeding, Cobwebs to Stop. "Make a pad of cobwebs and apply to cut. I

have never found anything to equal this remedy." This simple remedy has

been known to save many lives, and can always be obtained. As most

housekeepers know; cobwebs are easily found in every home, and perhaps

after reading this remedy they will not seem such a pest as heretofore, if

we stop to think that at some future date our baby's life might be saved

by using them.

3. Bleeding, Powdered Alum and Hot Water Stops. "A heaping teaspoonful of

powdered alum, placed in a teacup of water will stop the flow of blood in

ordinary wounds, where no large artery has been cut. This will be found

very beneficial for children, when their finger has been cut and bleeding

badly." Alum is something that should always be kept in the home, using it

in a case of emergency when there is no time to run to the drug store.

4. Bleeding, Salt and Flour Successful Remedy for. "Equal parts of fine

salt and flour placed on cut. I have seen this tried and it proved

successful." The salt will stop the bleeding by its astringent action and

mixed with flour forms a coating over the cut.

5. Bleeding, Boracic Acid Excellent for. "Bind up in boracic acid

powder." The boracic acid is very healing and a good antiseptic, which is

one of the important things to be attended to in a bad cut or wound.

6. Bleeding, Tobacco Will Stop. "Bind in tobacco." Very few people know

that the nicotine in tobacco is very healing, and by applying it to a cut,

not only stops the flow of blood, but heals.