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SALPINGITIS. Inflammation of the Fallopian Tubes

Categories: Diseases of Women

It may be either acute
or chronic in character.

Condition. The tissues of the tubes become swollen when the inflammation

runs into the pus stage; the finger-shaped end (outer end) is usually

closed by adhesions, the pus accumulates in the tube and we have pus in

the tube, or what is technically called [pyo. (pus) Salpinx (tube)]

Pyosalpinx. In long standing cases the pus is absorbed or degenerates into

/> a thin watery fluid, forming watery fluid in the tube or [hydro (water)

Salpinx (tube)]--hydrosalpinx.

The tube may become attached to neighboring organs. The pus or fluid may

drain occasionally into the womb and vagina. It may go into the bladder or


Causes. It is usually caused by invading germs from the womb. Gonorrhea

is the cause of the most cases.

Symptom. This disease follows the same kind of an infection in the womb

and vagina; the patient complains of pain in the region of the tube, a

little to the side or sides of the womb, and the pain is made worse by

motion, exercise or long standing. If it is the acute variety, the

temperature rises, the pulse grows faster, and sometimes there is nausea

and vomiting.

The Symptoms of the Chronic Variety are due to congestion and adhesions.

There is a constant pain in the region of the tube and the patient

protects herself when she walks, rides or sits down. There are difficult,

painful monthly periods and too much flow. The history shows gonorrhea or

septic infection, that is, disease caused by the absorption of products of


Treatment of the Acute Kind. First thing is absolute rest and quiet in

bed. Then prolonged hot injections in the vagina of hot water, and if you

wish, one teaspoonful of listerine, etc., in each injection. Put a

hot-water bag to the sore side, or fomentations of different remedies,

like hops, catnip, pennyroyal, smart-weed. The applications should not be

of great weight. The bowels should be kept open.

For Chronic Variety. This frequently calls for an operation. When the

symptoms are due to inflammation in the tube alone, ten per cent strength

of ichthyol and glycerin tampons placed behind the lower part of the womb

three times a week do much to improve the condition.

This is an unfortunate disease, and it must be closely watched for

symptoms that may arise from a pus condition. There are many cases of this

kind in our public hospitals, and when they are due to gonorrhea they may

have been caused by the husband who had an acute or latent gonorrhea--an

attack he thought cured.