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Sarcoma and Cancer are rare.

Categories: Diseases of The Nervous System

Symptoms. The most of the growths start in the membranes of the brain,

and by compressing a certain part of the brain they produce their special

symptoms such as headache, vomiting, inflammation of the nerves of the

eye, double vision, blindness, the memory impaired, dullness and apathy,

an irritable temper, and sometimes become demented. There is often vertigo

or a sense of giddiness. There may be convulsions, and paralysis of som

muscles. A general tuberculosis tendency or history of syphilis will help

to make the diagnosis. In children it is more likely to be tuberculous.

The result is more favorable in tuberculous growths in children and

syphilitic tumors in adults. It may last from a few months to three years

in a bad case.

Treatment. For gumma, caused by syphilis, iodide of potash and mercury

should be given. In both kinds, syphilitic and tuberculous, a nutritious

diet and general tonic treatment, such as cod-liver oil, iron, arsenic,

and quinine should be given. The bowels must be kept open and special

attention given to the digestion.

For headache. Ice bags, cold to the head, mustard to the nape of the


For Vomiting. Mustard over the stomach. Surgery is necessary for some

tumors that can be reached. You will naturally depend upon your attending

physician for advice and treatment.