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Categories: Diseases of The Blood And Ductless Galnds

Hemorrhage form (bleeding). (a) Rapid bleeding
from the rupture of an aneurism, from a blow, or eating into the blood

vessels by an ulcer. (b) Slow bleeding as from nose-bleed, flow from the

womb, piles or in "bleeders" people who bleed readily.

2. Inanition form. Not nourished because of interference in taking food

or assimilating food, from cancer of the gullet, or disease of the


r /> 3. Toxic poison cases; from acute and chronic diseases, such as typhoid

fever, tuberculosis, rheumatism, syphilis, malaria, nephritis; or chronic

lead poisoning, mercury, arsenic, and copper poisoning.

Symptoms. There is pallor, dizziness, headache, palpitation and dyspnoea,

difficult breathing on exertion; there is weakness, tendency to fainting,

poor appetite, dyspepsia and constipation. The red blood cells are

diminished, also the haemoglobin. Death may occur from a single



Treatment. Remove the cause and rest. Good fresh air, good easily

digested food. The bowels must be kept regular. Iron and arsenic are good

remedies if necessary. It is not possible to give special directions. A

person in this condition needs a good physician. There is no time to

waste. Iron and arsenic are good remedies, but they must be used

intelligently and in proper doses. Blaud's pill is good in some cases. It

contains iron. Also Fowler's solution of arsenic.