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Skin Piles. (Cutaneous)

Categories: Digestive Organs

These are enlarged tags of the skin. They
frequently follow the absorption of the clot in the venous piles where the

skin is bruised and stretched. There may be one or many and usually have

the skin color. These cause less suffering than the venous variety, and

sometimes they exist for years, without any trouble, providing care is

taken; but when bruised from any cause, such as a kick or fall, sitting on

a hard seat, stretching of the parts during stool, or when they become

irritated by discharges from the rectum or vagina, they become inflamed

and cause much annoyance and pain. When they are acutely inflamed they

swell greatly, are highly colored, swollen, painful, and extremely

sensitive to the touch and cause frequent spasmodic contractions of the

sphincter muscle and may finally result in an abscess. The pain is usually

confined to the region of the anus, but may go up the back, down the limbs

or to the privates.