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Categories: Respiratory Diseases

This is a common complaint especially
among some adults. A predisposition to it is often due to chronic

pharyngitis, chronic enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids of the wall

of the pharynx as well as chronic nasal obstruction. Rheumatic persons are

especially subject to it and acute articular rheumatism is often observed

to be preceded by an attack of pharyngitis. Tonsilitis is said to have the

same influence also.
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Symptoms. The throat is dry and feels stiff. There may be tenderness at

the angle of the jaw and outside of the neck. Pains some to swallow. In a

day or two there is a mucous secretion, making the patient inclined to

clear the throat by hawking or coughing. The throat looks red and in the

early stage this is more noticeable on the anterior pillars of the fauces,

the soft palate and uvula. On the back wall you see bright red spots, the

inflamed lymph follicles. It usually gets well in two to seven days. It

may become chronic after repeated acute attacks.

Chronic. This is very common in persons who smoke or drink to excess,

also people who use their voice in public speaking as preachers do, or in

calling loudly as hucksters, railroad brakemen, stationmen, etc.

Prevention of chronic kind. Ascertain the cause and remove it. Too hot

food or too much spiced food cause the chronic kind. Rest the voice.

Remove any existing catarrh.

Prevention of acute kind. Avoid undue exposure to cold and wet, wear warm

comfortable flannel underwear. Bath the neck and chest daily with cold

water. This is good cold preventive. The wearing of handkerchiefs,

mufflers, around the neck is injurious unless you are driving. Accustom

your neck to the cold from the beginning in the fall and winter months.

Wearing a full beard is said to be a good preventive.

1. Sore throat, Used for Years Successfully. "Salt

pork dipped in hot water then covered thick with black pepper. Heat in the

oven and lay or bind on the throat or lungs. This has been a favorite

remedy with us for years." Sew the pork to a piece of cotton cloth and

bind over the sore parts after you have sprinkled the pork with salt and

pepper. Leave this on as long as the patient can endure it. When the pork

is removed, rub the affected parts with cold cream or vaselin and put a

clean muslin cloth on to keep person from taking cold.

2. Sore throat, Splendid Liniment for.

"Olive oil 1/2 pint

Ammonia 1/2 pint

Turpentine 1/2 pint

One egg.

Shake till it forms emulsion. This can be used as a blister."

This is a very effective remedy, but you must watch the throat very

carefully as this will blister quickly. After removing the liniment,

grease the parts with oil or cold cream.

3. Sore throat, Simple Gargle for.

"Soda 1 teaspoonful

Salt 1 teaspoonful

Borax 1 teaspoonful

Dissolve in pint of warm water; use as a gargle frequently."

This is a very good gargle. It contracts the parts and acts as an

antiseptic and thoroughly cleanses the parts.

4. Sore throat, Home Made salve for.-

"Beeswax 1 ounce

Rosin 1 ounce

Camphor gum 1 ounce

Lard about the size of an egg."

Mix the above ingredients together and apply to the outside of the throat.

This causes the skin to become red thus drawing the inflammation out of

the throat and relieving the trouble.

5. Sore Throat, Cold Packs, Sure Cure for. "Put cold packs on the throat.

Remarks: Was in Washington once and my little girl had a very sore throat.

I put cold packs on the throat the first half of the night and the next

day she was out seeing the sights as well as ever." Gargle with very hot

water and a little soda. This makes it very effective.

6. Sore Throat, Ointment for.

"Oil Turpentine 1/2 ounce

Oil of Hemlock 1/2 ounce

Oil of Peppermint 1/2 ounce

Oil of Encaliptus 1/2 ounce

Mix with one cup warm lard, apply warm to the throat."

7. Sore Throat, Remedy from a mother in Johnson City, Tenn. "Fat meat

stewed in vinegar and bound to the neck. Kind friends:--After waiting so

long I will help you what I can, and where is the mother that won't want

the book? I am truly glad you have such an interest in the welfare of

suffering humanity. I hope this book will soon be out on its good mission.

Kind friends, I think it a wonderful kindness to the rich as well as the

poor to have a friend in time of need. I think a good honest book of home

remedies tried by our good mothers and grandmothers will be accepted and

looked to by all mothers, for we all think mother knows best. I certainly

want this book completed and in my home."

8. Sore Throat, Gargle and Local Application for.

"Common salt 2 tablespoonfuls

Strained honey 2 tablespoonfuls

Vinegar 3 tablespoonfuls

Camphor 1/2 teaspoonful"

Use as a gargle. External applications, wring a cloth out of salt and cold

water and keep it quite wet, bind tightly about the neck and cover with a

dry cloth. It is best to use this at night."

9. Mild Sore Throat, Vinegar Gargle for. "Gargle with vinegar and hot

water. This will help to sooth the irritation and in a mild sore throat is

a sure cure."

10. Sore Throat, Alum and Vinegar for. "One glass of warm water; one

tablespoonful of vinegar; one teaspoonful of sugar; one-half teaspoonful

of alum; dissolve well and gargle throat several times daily."

11. Sore Throat, Kerosene for. "Dip a flannel cloth in coal oil,

(kerosene) and bind on the throat. I have tried this; in fact it is what I

always use. It is almost sure to cure."

12. Sore Throat and Cough, Remedy always at hand. "Equal parts of alcohol

and glycerin make a good gargle, or use three tablespoonfuls of vinegar

and one of salt to a tumbler of water. Or simply hot water and salt when

nothing else is to be had. The hot water alone is very good."

13. Tickling in Throat, Simple Remedy for. "Take bread crumbs and swallow