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The Vestibule

Categories: Diseases of Women

This is the smooth surface of triangular form situated
between the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina. The labia minora

bound it on either side. It contains the opening of the urethra.

The Hymen is a thin fold of mucous membrane of half moon in shape

(semi-lunar) and is spread across the lower opening of the vagina.

The Glands of Bartholin are small oblong bodies, two in number, situated

on each side of the commencement of the vagina above the deep fascia band

like tissue. Each gland has a single duct and by this duct opens the inner

surface of the adjacent labia minoris just external to the hymen. They are

made up of mucous glands and a colorless tenacious fluid is secreted by

them, which lubricates the vagina. These glands sometimes become diseased.

Hence the description.