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THINGS IN THE NOSE. Corn, Peas, Beans, Buttons, etc

Categories: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

Children frequently
get such things in their nose and also ears. They should be removed soon

and then there will be no harm done. They have been known to remain for

years, and they have been the cause of catarrh. A small curved hair-pin

makes a good instrument to use and is always handy. Also a crochet hook,

though not so good, for it will not bend as well as the hair-pin. The

mother should sit facing a window or open door. T
e child should be placed

on its back with its head resting between the mother's limbs and an

assistant holds the child's hands. Its legs will be hanging down. The

light now shines into the nostril and the bent hair-pin can be slipped

over the foreign body and easily hooked out. The head must be held quiet

by the mother. The mother can do this herself, with one hand holding the

head quiet and with the other can introduce the hair-pin and remove the

object. But the position of the child must be reversed with the head

between her knees and the light shining in the nose; or place the child on

a bench or cradle or buggy, head on a pillow, and to the light. Hold the

head and legs quiet; by kneeling by the child's side, you can easily see

the object and remove it. If they are too far back, they can be pushed

over into the throat, but parents should never attempt to remove an object

in the nose they cannot see. Sometimes causing sneezing with a feather or

pepper will expel the object.