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Categories: Digestive Organs

There must be absolute rest, morphine
by hypodermic method, one-fourth to one-half grain to relieve the pain.

Ice cold and hot fomentations with some herb remedy like hops, smartweed,

etc.; or cloths wrung out of hot water with five to ten drops of

turpentine sprinkled on them. This is very good when there is much

bloating from gas.

The turpentine should be stopped when the skin shows red from it. The

cloths should not be heavy or they will cause pain by their weight. Ice

water can be used when cold cloths are needed.

For vomiting. Stop all food and drink for the time and give cracked ice.

Diet. Should be hot or cold milk with lime water or peptonized milk if

necessary. If the feeding causes vomiting, you must give food by the

rectum. For the severe bloating enemas containing turpentine should be

given, one to two to six ounces of water used with ten to thirty drops of

turpentine in it; sometimes it is necessary to resort to surgery.