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Source - Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms


Scarlet-fever Or Scarlatina
Division Of The Process Of The Disease Into Periods
Period Of Incubation Or Hatching
Period Of Eruption Or Appearing Of The Rash
Period Of Efflorescence Or Standing Out Of The Rash
Period Of Desquamation Or Peeling-off
The Period Of Convalescence
Varieties Of Forms Of Scarlatina
Scarlatina Simplex Or Simple Scarlet-fever
Scarlatina Anginosa Or Sore-throat Scarlet-fever
Mild Reaction Erethic
Violent Reaction Sthenic
Torpid Reaction Asthenic
Scarlatina Miliaris
Scarlatina Sine Exanthemate
The Malignant Forms Of Scarlet-fever
Sudden Invasion Of The Nervous Centres
Affection Of The Brain
Affection Of The Cerebellum And Spine
Putrid Symptoms
Condition Of The Throat And Other Internal Organs
Other Bad Symptoms
Destruction Of The Organ Of Hearing
Other Sequels Dropsy &c
The Contagion Of Scarlatina Very Active
Diagnosis From Measles
The Prognosis
Favorable Symptoms
Unfavorable Symptoms
The Expletive Method Blood-letting
The Anti-gastric Method
The Ammonium Carbonicum
Chloride Of Lime
Acetic Acid
Mineral Acids Muriatic Acid Prescriptions
Frictions With Lard
There Is Neither A Specific Nor A Prophylactic To Be Relied On
Water-treatment As Used By Currie Reuss Hesse Schoenlein &c
Priessnitz's Method The Wet-sheet-pack
Technicalities Of The Pack And Bath
Action Of The Pack And Bath Rationale
What Effect Could Be Expected From A Warm Wet-sheet?
No Cutting Short Of The Process Of Scarlatina The Morbid Poison Must Be Drawn To The Skin As Soon As Possible
Necessity Of Ventilation Means Of Heating The Sick-room Relative Merits Of Open Fires Stoves And Furnaces
Temperature Of The Sick-room
Treatment Of Scarlatina Simplex Or Simple Scarlet-fever
Treatment Of Scarlatina Anginosa Or Sore-throat Scarlet-fever
Treatment Of The Mild Or Erethic Form Of Scarlatina Anginosa
The Throat Should Be Covered With A Wet Compress I E A Piece Of
Towards The End Of The Period Of Efflorescence When The Rash
Treatment Of The Violent Or Sthenic Form Of Scarlatina Anginosa
Temperature Of The Water Double Sheet Changing Sheet
Length Of Pack Perspiration
Before Perspiration Comes On There Is A Little More Excitement For
Length Of Bath
The Wet Compress
Highly Inflamed Throat Croup
Necessity Of Allaying The Heat
The Half-bath The Sitz- Or Hip-bath
The Sitz-bath May Be Taken In A Small Wash-tub If There Is No
In Excessive Heat And Continuous Delirium A Half-bath May Be Given
Action Of The Sitz-bath Explained
Relaxation Of Treatment Towards The End Of The Third Period Continuation Of Packs During And After Desquamation
During And After Desquamation The Treatment Should Be Continued As
3 Treatment Of Torpid Forms Of Scarlatina Difference In The
Length Of Pack
Cold Affusions And Rubbing
Ice-water And Snow-bath In Malignant Cases
Wine And Water If No Reaction Can Be Obtained
Ablutions And Rubbing With Iced Water Or Snow
Wet Compress
Ventilation All-important
Continuation Of Packs Convalescence
Mineral Acids In Case Of Severe Sore-throat
Putrid Symptoms Gargle Solution Of Chloride Of Soda Drink: Chlorate Of Potass Liquor Calcii-chloridi
Treatment Of Affections Of The Nervous Centres
Sitz-bath Anchor Of Safety
Impossibility Of Answering For The Issue Of Every Typhoid Case
1 Is Water Applicable In All Typhoid Cases?
Rules For The Application Of Water In Typhoid Cases
Treatment Of Other Eruptive Fevers
Varioloids And Chicken-pocks
Urticaria Zoster Rubeola
Additional Rules For The Treatment Of Eruptive Diseases
The Temperature Of The Room However Should Be A Few Degrees
Conclusive Remarks Obstacles
Want Of Water
Dripping Sheet Substitute For The Half-bath
Rubbing Sheet Substitute For The Half-bath
Where There Is A Will There Is A Way!
Prejudice Of Physicians Against The Water-cure
More Facts!
Conclusion: Help Yourselves If Your Physicians Will Not Help You!