Herr H. V. Hilprecht is Professor of Assyriology in the University of Pennsylvania. That university had despatched an expedition to explore the ruins of Babylon, and sketches of the objects discovered had been sent home. Among these were draw... Read more of The Assyrian Priest at Scary Stories.caInformational Site Network Informational


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Medical Articles

Children's Treatment

This should always be managed so as to soothe and not excite t...


See Boil. ...


When the tracheal incision is placed below the first ring, n...

The Rational Care Of Self

A WOMAN who had had some weeks of especially difficul...

Bread Wheaten

In some cases the bran in whole wheaten bread and Saltcoats bi...

Diagnosis From Measles

In scarlatina the heat is much greater, and the pulse is much...

Hooping Cough

According to my experience, though this disease may not be en...


WHEN we are tolerant as a matter of course, the nervous syste...

Breast Swelling In

A blow on the breast, or the drain of nursing a child, along w...

Bronchoscopic Appearances In Disease

The first look should note the color of the bronchial mucosa...

Burns Case Xxxiv

Mr. C. aged 51, scalded his leg ten days ago on the instep. H...

Poultice Bran

See Bran Poultice. ...

One's Self

TO be truly at peace with one's self means rest indeed. Th...

Brain Rest

The need for this is often indicated by irritability of temper...

Symptomatology And Treatment Of Chronic Valvular Lesions

Before discussing the treatment of broken compensation in gen...

The Coal Foods

Kinds of Coal Foods. There are many different kinds of Coal...


The regular bronchoscope is a hollow brass tube slanted at i...

The Power Of Words

In every word there is a magic influence, and each word ...

Fever At Night

Frequently, in illness, a fever sets in as night approaches, a...


Where we prescribe this, either for drinking or for external u...

Haemorrhoids Piles

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If the case be recent, take the B D current; if old, take A D. Place the
patient in a recumbent position, and let the rectum instrument, P. P.,
be introduced, wet. Manipulate with N. P. along the spine upon the
dorsal vertebrae. Where there is prolapsus ani, the sponge-roll, placed
at the anus, may be used instead of the rectum instrument, particularly
for the first few treatments.

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