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Medical Articles

Polar Antagonism

When the conducting cords are of equal length, as commonly th...

Treatment Of The Violent Or Sthenic Form Of Scarlatina Anginosa

The _violent_, or _sthenic form_ of scarlatina anginosa becom...

Torpid Liver

Take A D or B D current, full medium force. Treat with N. P. ...


What is commonly called a "cough and spit" is sometimes due to...


Some general remarks on this important treatment we give here....


There is a common and very popular error, namely, that of putt...

Inflamed Eyes

If the disease be recent and acute, (but not infectious), as ...

Bilious Colic

This disease, in addition to the symptoms of cutting, crampin...

Other Sequels Dropsy &c

Beside the ulceration of glands and deafness, some of the seq...

The Eye

How the Eye is Made. Next in importance after the smell and t...


Sometimes mere internal inflammation is mistaken for this dise...

Children's Healthy Growth

Often either the whole system or some part fails to grow prope...

Rotation Forceps

It is sometimes desired to make traction on an irregularly s...

Memory Loss Of

A more or less complete suspension of this faculty is a not un...


The Black Hole of Calcutta is an object lesson of how necessary...

Chronic Endocarditis

It is not easy to decide just whew all acute endocarditis has...


Use the A D current, strong force. Place the N. P., long cord...

The Use Of The Will

IT is not generally recognized that the will can be t...

The Blood Vessels

Where the Body Does its Real Eating. When once the food has b...

Bread Wheaten

In some cases the bran in whole wheaten bread and Saltcoats bi...

Haemorrhoids Piles

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

If the case be recent, take the B D current; if old, take A D. Place the
patient in a recumbent position, and let the rectum instrument, P. P.,
be introduced, wet. Manipulate with N. P. along the spine upon the
dorsal vertebrae. Where there is prolapsus ani, the sponge-roll, placed
at the anus, may be used instead of the rectum instrument, particularly
for the first few treatments.

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