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Medical Articles

The Cause Of Disease

Ever since natural medicine arose in opposition to the violen...

Giddiness And Trembling

This comes very often as the result of loss of nerve power in ...

Oil Olive

A little oil only should be applied to the skin at once. Any s...


In the common form this is purely neuralgic. The nerves are in...

Catarrh Chronic

If in the head, first give face-bath, as in common colds, exc...


In spite of the fact that a large number of men today do not ...

The Muscles

Importance of the Muscles. It wouldn't be of much use to sm...


Swellings in the breast often arouse fear of cancer, but are g...


Digestion is the process whereby the food we eat is turned int...

Division Of The Process Of The Disease Into Periods

Its course is commonly divided into four distinct periods, vi...

Limbs Inflamed

Entirely different treatment from the above is needed for such...


One of the most notorious charlatans of the eighteenth centur...


The treatment of a suspected coronary sclerosis is the same a...

Eyes Spots On

These spots are of two different kinds, and yet they are very ...

Edematous Tracheobronchitis

This is chiefly observed in children. The most frequently en...


The only sure sign of the presence of this parasite in the int...

Palpitation Of The Heart

This is commonly a symptomatic or sympathetic affection--rare...

Bone Soft

Often, in the young, the bones are so soft that they bend more...


A low systolic pressure and a low diastolic pressure may no...

The Surgical Dissection Of The Superficial Bloodvessels Etc Of The Inguino-femoral Region

Hernial protrusions are very liable to occur at the inguino-f...

The Vegetable Kingdom

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

As to the vegetable kingdom, there is here, so far as we can discover,
only a duality of principle, viz: the material body and a modified phase
of electro-vitality. These component parts appear to sustain to each
other, in the vegetable, relations quite analogous to those of the
corresponding parts in the animal. But here the mental part is
wanting; and consequently there is no consciousness, sensation, nor
will; and the electro-vital action is guided in its elaborate and
beautiful operations for the forming and developing of the plant, and in
all its vital functions, by the all-pervading mind of God.

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