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Tracheobronchial Diphtheria

Urgent dyspnea in diphtheria when no membrane and but slight...

Inflammation Deep-seated

Often inflammation occurs in the centre of, or beneath, a mass...


The esophagoscope, like the bronchoscope, is a hollow brass ...

Disorders Of Muscles And Bones

The Muscles and Bones Have Few Diseases. Considering how comp...

Nervous Strain In Pain And Sickness

THERE is no way in which superfluous and dangerous te...

The Prime Rules Of Fasting

Another truism of natural hygiene is that we dig our own grav...

How Fasting Heals

Its an old hygienic maxim that the doctor does not heal, the ...


WORK for the better progress of the human race is most effect...

Nicotine (tobacco)

Emetic; stimulate and keep warm; keep patient lying down. ...

Of Fungous Ulcer Of The Navel In Infants

It sometimes occurs that a little fungous sore exists upon th...

Affection Of The Brain

When the _brain_ is affected, the patient suddenly complains ...


The prognosis is very uncertain. This infirmity is often cure...

Lungs Congestion Of The

Treatment as below. Read preceding and succeeding articles. ...

Human Sympathy

A NURSE who had been only a few weeks in the hospital...

Running The Human Automobile

The Body-Automobile. If you were to start to-morrow morning...

Dripping Sheet Substitute For The Half-bath

To apply the _dripping sheet_, a tin bathing hat or a large w...


Where Sugar is Obtained. The other great member of the starch...

Acquiring Skill

Endoscopic ability cannot be bought with the instruments. As ...

Hair Coming Off

There are many forms of this disfiguring trouble, both in the ...

Children's Healthy Growth

Often either the whole system or some part fails to grow prope...

Torpid Reaction Asthenic

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

The more violent the contagious poison, and the weaker the organic
power, the less decidedly and the less successfully will the organism
combat against the poison, and the more inroad will the latter make upon
the system, affecting vital organs and paralyzing the efforts of the
nervous system by attacking it in its centres. In such cases of _torpid
reaction_, the patient frequently passes at once into a _typhoid state_.
This is what we call _scarlatina maligna_, or _malignant scarlet-fever_.

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