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SALT (Sodium Chloride)

Category: Medical Uses of Some Common Household Articles

This common household article is used in a great
many different ways. In cooking it is used to season foods. The absence of
salt gives rise to a bad state of the system, with the formation of
intestinal worms. If used too freely, it produces in some persons excess
of blood and corpulency. Salt renders the food more palatable in many
instances and thus increases the flow of the gastric juice. Salt increases
the flow of saliva also. For pin-worms, solution of salt injected is often

Constipation. One teaspoonful to a glass of water taken on arising is
very good for some people troubled with constipation. For dyspepsia it
tones the stomach and aids in digestion in some cases. Salt alone in
teaspoonful doses will produce vomiting and is good after a spree or to
empty the stomach in convulsions and poisoning. Mustard given with it
makes it more effective. A salt solution is frequently injected into the
rectum to keep up the strength after operating and it is also frequently
put into the breast for same purpose.

A gargle and astringent in sore throat. For this purpose it is often of
use and successful. Taken dry in teaspoonful doses it is often given in
bleeding from the lungs. It is often used as an antiseptic to cleanse
sores and wounds. Teaspoonful to a half pint of water. On bites of insects
strong salt water or applied dry is often very good. In bites of snakes
and animals dry salt applied freely upon the wound is often of value. It
draws away some of the poison and also helps to burn out and cleanse the

Fomentations. Used in this way it is good for sprains and bruises.

Baths. One pound of salt to four gallons of water forms a suitable salt
water bath acting as a tonic and excitant to the skin.

Ague. Homeopathic doctors claim that salt in the attenuations will cure
some cases of ague.

Abuse of Salt. Too much use of salt will cause a great many troubles. It
produces a peculiar eruption on the skin, sore eyes, etc.

Want of Salt. Domestic animals need it and may die for the want of it.
Some animals may become sterile if deprived of it.


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