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Impossibility Of Answering For The Issue Of Every Typhoid Case

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Although a _typhoid character_ of scarlatina will rarely set in, when

the patient has been subject to the packs from the beginning of the

disease, there will be cases when water-treatment can neither prevent

such an event or even save the life of the patient afflicted by

scarlet-fever. There will be a case, _now and then_, to baffle any mode

of treatment, and the physician must not be blamed for losing a patient

of scarlatina occasionally, but it is not necessary that people should

continue to die of this disease in such numbers, as they have been

destroyed till now.

Any case, where typhoid symptoms set in (16-25), is dangerous, and

the physician and his mode of treatment deserve commendation, if the

patient is saved by it; and it is in such cases, also, that the

hydriatic physician requires the most skill, experience and courage.