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Inflammation Of The Lungs - Pneumonia

Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This disease is often connected with Pleurisy, and consists of

inflammation of the substance of the lungs. As in the former case, it

may attack only one, but may exist in both sides at the same time. If

the pleura is also affected, there will be all the symptoms of pleurisy,

together with those peculiar to inflammation of the lungs proper. They

are, pain in the lungs, oppressed breathing, cough, causing great

n account of the soreness of the affected parts: at first,

expectoration from the lungs is nearly wanting, the cough being dry, but

after a time, there is a rattling sound on coughing, and more or less

mucous substance is with difficulty raised. This is, at first, white or

brownish, but soon becomes reddish and frothy, tinged with blood. The

patient lies on the affected side, and cannot rest on the sound side.

The pulse is full, hard and frequent, the fever high, pain in the head,

and sometimes delirium. If the disease is not arrested, the patient

generally dies from suffocation, by the lungs filling up, hepatized, or

abscess and ulceration come on, and then what is called "quick

Consumption" carries him off.


In the early stage, _Aconite_ and _Phosphorus_ should be used at

intervals of from half an hour to one hour, in alternation, until the

fever abates, and the oppression in the chest is relieved. If, however,

there is bloody expectoration, _Bryonia_ may be used in place _of

Phosphorus_, though I prefer to use it in rotation with the two others.

These will soon, in all ordinary cases, subdue the most distressing

symptoms, and effect a perfect cure in a day or two. _Belladonna_ should

be used, when there is much delirium, or great pain in the head.

Occasionally, the cough from the beginning, is apparently loose; there

being a rattling sound, but the expectoration is difficult, the fever

high, with some chilly sensations, or at least, coldness of the knees,

feet and hands, a white or brownish fur upon the tongue, and pain in the

bowels, For such symptoms, especially with the pain in the bowels, as

though a diarrhoea would come on, give _Tartar emet._ It is often one

of the best remedies in this disease, affording relief when others have


After subduing the high febrile symptoms, if there remains cough,

indicating much irritation, or inflammation of the lungs, _Macrotin_

should be used in place of Aconite, with _Phosphorus_ and _Copaiva_, the

three in rotation, two hours between doses.

Acute Bronchitis,

_Inflammation of the Bronchial Tubes._

This is attended with distressing cough, profuse expectoration,

oppressed breathing, pain in the forehead, and general catarrhal

symptoms. _Baptisia_, _Copaiva_ and _Eupatorium arom._ given every hour,

in rotation, will, in general, relieve from the acute affection in a

short time; but the

Chronic Bronchitis

requires the use of _Copaiva_, _Macrotin_ and _Arum triphyllum_, to be

taken morning, noon, and night, in the order named; or, if the cough be

severe, they should be used every three hours. These will be sufficient

to effect a cure.


Generally, unless they arise from consumption, yield readily to the

alternate use of _Copaiva_, _Phosphorus_ and _Macrotin_, a dose given

once in from three to six hours. If, however, there is soreness of the

throat, redness and soreness of the tonsils, palate, and fauces, or

soreness of the larynx, with hoarseness, _Arum triphyllum_ and

_Hydrastus Can._ are the surest remedies. They rarely ever fail of

effecting a complete cure in a few days. They should be used three or

four times a day. They may be used with the other medicines recommended

for coughs. In acute

Sore Throat,

arising from sudden cold, _Arum triphyllum_ and _Eupatorium aromaticum_

are the remedies to be relied upon. If the tonsils seem to be mainly

involved, constituting


_Belladonna_ and _Aconite_ should be given, while there is high fever,

then substitute for them, _Arum tri._ and _Phosphorus_; or, these may be

used in rotation with the former, a dose every hour or oftener.