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The Half-bath The Sitz- Or Hip-bath

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Should the half-bath or shallow-bath (which are technical terms for the

bath described above), not be sufficient to relieve the head, the

patient must be placed in a _sitz-_ or _hip-bath_ of 65 deg. to 70 deg. and stay

there, with his body covered by a blanket or two, till the head is easy.

During and after the sitz-bath, the parts exposed to the water, as well

as the lower extremities, should be rubbed repeatedly, to favor the

circulation of the blood. The head should be covered with a compress,

dipped in cold water and but slightly wrung out, to be changed every

time it becomes warm. The time required will vary according to the

condition of the patient, from half an hour to one hour and a half.

There is no danger of his taking cold, provided the body be covered

sufficiently. The room ought not to be too warm, as a hot room will

increase the tendency of the blood to the head; 65 to 70 deg. is perfectly

warm enough. I would rather have it between 60 and 65.