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Medical Articles

Enlargement Of Liver

Take A D current, with medium force. Place N. P., some three ...

Muscular Pains

These pains occur usually when a patient has been for some tim...

How To Be Ill And Get Well

ILLNESS seems to be one of the hardest things to happ...

Mind In Disease

Often a person, because of physical failure, becomes possessed...


As so many times repeated, real pain must be stopped, and mor...

Children's Dangers

Avoidance of the causes of disease requires some idea of the d...

Examination Of The Trachea And Bronchi

All bronchial orifices must be identified seriatim; because ...

What Is It That Makes Me So Nervous?

THE two main reasons why women are nervous are, first...


One of the most common causes of hypertension is clue to exce...


This disease consists in a looseness of the bowels, generally...


For healing wounds, burns, ulcers, irritation of mucous membr...

The Anti-gastric Method

consisting in the free use of emetics or purgatives, has been...


Cold baths, while greatly to be recommended to those who are s...

Pleuroscopy For Disease

Most pleural diseases require a large external opening for d...

Hope And Healing

The mind has always an influence on the body. Life rises and f...

Site Of Lodgment

The majority of foreign bodies in the air passages occur in ...

Lacing Tight

This produces such serious deformity, and in many ways so inte...

Diet And Corpulence

A tendency to obesity should always be carefully checked by at...


Strict aseptic technic must be observed in all endoscopic pr...

Ulcers Case Xxiv

The following case must not be regarded as altogether triflin...

Favorable Symptoms

Source: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

are the following: Absence of internal inflammation; a bright florid
rash; a regular, steady appearance, standing out, and disappearance of
the latter; a regular and complete pealing off of the cuticle; a
decrease of the pulse after the eruption of the rash; an easy and
regular respiration; a natural expression of the features; a moist

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