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Other Lesions

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Source: Disturbances Of The Heart

Tricuspid insufficiency, except as rarely found in the fetus, is
generally due to a relative insufficiency rather than to an actual
disease of the tricuspid valve. In other words, if the right
ventricle dilates the valve may be insufficient. Tricuspid stenosis,
pulmonary stenosis and pulmonary insufficiency are rare, and are
probably nearly always congenital.

The diagnosis as to whether the murmurs heard in the heart are
hemic, functional, accidental, or indicative of valvular lesions
would be without the scope of this book. It is always presumed that
a correct diagnosis has been made, or at least a presumptively
correct diagnosis. Frequently more than one murmur and more than one
lesion in a heart are present. Often one murmur denotes a permanent
lesion, and another may be one that will become corrected when
compensation is improved.

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