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Complications Following Esophagoscopy

These are to be avoided in large measure by the exercise of ...


Where Sugar is Obtained. The other great member of the starch...


Sometimes mere internal inflammation is mistaken for this dise...

The Frightening Heart

Heart disease is one of the major causes of death among North...

Blood Pressure

The study of the blood pressure has become a subject of gre...

Painful Menstruation

Elsie was twenty. She came to see me because I had helped Els...

Preventative Fasting

During the years it takes for a body to degenerate enough to ...

Mineral Acids Muriatic Acid Prescriptions

have also been used with good effect in some epidemics. _Muri...


Is applicable to inflamed eyes, in the early stage, where the...


The following are the antidotes and remedies for some of the m...

Cholera Malignant

As in cholera morbus, keep the patient on his back, still as ...

Chest Pains

See Angina Pectoris. ...


During rheumatism the peripheral blood vessels are generally ...

Children And Teachers

Children are of the utmost value to society; through any one o...


It may be proper, in this place, to spend a few words upon el...


This disease consists in a looseness of the bowels, generally...

Elbow Joint

See Armpit Swelling and Bone. ...

Bathing The Feet

This apparently simple treatment, if the best results are desi...


Pedunculated malignant growths are readily removed with snar...

Why People Get Sick

This is the Theory of Toxemia. A healthy body struggles conti...

Polar Antagonism

Source: A Newly Discovered System Of Electrical Medication

When the conducting cords are of equal length, as commonly they should
be, each of the two poles or electrodes produces a polar effect in the
patient directly the opposite of that produced by the other. Also, at
any point in either half of the circuit, if it be within the person of
the patient, the polar effect produced is the very reverse of what is
experienced at the corresponding point in the other half of the circuit.
And further; each half of the current produces a polar effect, at every
point in the parts of the patient through which it runs, the same in
kind, though differing in degree, as is produced immediately under
the pole or electrode with which it is connected; yet an effect
antagonistic to that which is produced under the other pole, or at the
corresponding point in the other half of the current.

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