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Medical Articles

Strabismus Discordance Of The Eyes

If neither of the rectus muscles have been cut and cicatrized...

Remedy Finding A

It will sometimes occur, in the case of those endeavouring to ...

Children's Healthy Growth

Often either the whole system or some part fails to grow prope...

Eyes Paralysis Of

The partial paralysis of the muscles of one eye produces doubl...


See Convulsions; Nervous Attack. ...

Inflammation Of The Brain

See Brain. See also Knee; Limbs, Inflamed; Lungs, etc. ...


Readily identified by smell of tar or carbolic. Wash mouth wel...

Chapped Hands

Our idea is that this is caused by the soda in the soap used. ...

Myocardial Disturbances

While the myocardium is the most important muscle structure...

Back Failures

Often a severe pain in the toe, foot, ankle, or lower leg has ...

About Christmas

THERE was once a family who had a guest staying with ...


This is one of the most difficult of diseases to control by a...


Take the A. D. current, medium force, in all forms of the dis...


Often very serious trouble takes the form of simple overwhelmi...

After Pains

See Child-bearing. ...

Finding Your Ideal Dietary

Anyone that is genuinely interested in having the best possib...


This is the accumulation of gases in the body, usually caused ...

Nourishment Cold In

If a person is in fever, and is burning with internal heat, a ...

To Prevent Dysentery

In hot weather when bilious diseases prevail, use _Mercurius_...

Vegetables Green And Fruit

We would strongly recommend our readers to continually have th...

Treatment Of Compression Stenoses Of The Trachea

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

If the thymus be
at fault, rapid amelioration of symptoms follows roentgenray or radium
therapy. Tracheotomy and the insertion of the long cane-shaped cannula
(Fig. 104) past the compressed area is required in the cases caused by
conditions less amenable to treatment than thymic enlargement.
Permanent cure depends upon the removability of the compressive mass.
Should the bronchi be so compressed by a benign condition as to
prevent escape of secretions from the subjacent air passages,
bronchial intubation tubes may be inserted, and, if necessary, worn
constantly. They should be removed weekly for cleansing and oftener if

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