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I will tell you how I made it for the last twenty-three years. Take equal
parts (by weight) of chloride of zinc, pulverized bloodroot, and wheat
flour; mix well, add enough water to form a paste; spread the paste, just
the size of the sore, on a rag and apply, put olive oil around the ulcer
before applying, in order to protect the sound tissues. Leave the paste on
as long as the patient can bear it. Then remove and if convenient apply a
mild poultice or salve. In six or eight days the cancer will come out; if
it leaves a smooth and healthy surface, all is well; if not, repeat the
application until all diseased tissue is removed. This has never failed
me, but remember that many so-called cancers are not cancers at all; then
again, some are so malignant that this paste and all others will not cure,
but all the cases I have had for twenty-three years were healed. One that
I have on hand now, on the lower lip of a man thirty-four years old, is
stubborn, but I hope it will finally yield. I will be pleased to furnish

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