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Category: Obstetrics or Midwifery

The food of the pregnant woman should be simple, wholesome,
nutritious, of the kind that is easily digested and enough to satisfy the
demands of her system; excessive eating should be avoided. A mixed diet is
to be preferred, but the diet should be of such kind as to help to
overcome the constipation, usual in pregnancy. Meat should not be eaten in
as great quantities. It not only tends to produce more constipation but
also has injurious effect upon the kidneys, and anything that in any way
puts a greater burden upon the kidneys in pregnancy should be avoided. All
foods that are likely to produce indigestion, heart burn, or irritation of
the stomach and liver, such as sweets, fried, greasy, highly spiced foods;
greasy rich gravies, or pastry should not be eaten.

The heartiest meal should be taken near midday and the stomach, especially
at night, should never be overloaded. Water should, be drank freely, as it
tends to overcome the constipation and wash out the kidneys. Some women do
better with lighter meals and taken more frequently. Some do better by
taking their breakfast before rising.

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