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FIBROID TUMORS OF THE WOMB or Fibromata, Frequency

Category: Diseases of Women

Some observers state
that twenty to forty per cent of all women over thirty-five years have one
or more of these tumors. They are not malignant. They are more common in
women who are sterile, unable to become pregnant. They appear early in
life and attack all classes. They appear oftener in the body of the womb
than in the neck. When in the body of the womb the back wall is the common
site. A covering of loose fibrous tissue surrounds the growth. Few blood
vessels appear in the tumor, nourishment being received from the
surrounding tissues. Their growth is slow, except during pregnancy, when
they grow rapidly. There are three varieties named according to their
location and the structure covering: or surrounding them. 1. Interstitial;
2. sub-mucus; 3. sub-peritoneal or sub-serous.

1. Interstitial. They are in the substance of the womb wall. They are
usually many and vary in size.

2. Sub-mucus (under the mucous membrane). They project into the cavity of
the womb, are covered by mucous membrane and are attached to the womb by a
broad base or pedicle. This is sometimes cut off spontaneously, and then
the tumor is expelled from the womb.

3. Sub-peritoneal. They are under the peritoneum, which forms its outer

Causes. Are not known. They are more frequent between thirty and forty.

Symptoms. Difficult monthly sickness, too much blood flowing from the
womb, unable to become pregnant, sometimes, and abortion. Bleeding comes
more from the sub-mucus variety generally. Pain is caused by the size and
weight and by pressure upon the bladder, rectum and the nerves. Death
rarely results except from the complications.

MOTHER'S REMEDY. 1. Ulcers of the Womb, Common Wood Cactus for. "Common
wood cactus tea. Take wineglassful three times a. day." Should remove all
thorns, chop fine and boil in sufficient water; add gin to make dose more

Treatment. Operation is needed when the symptoms are pressing. The
sub-mucus variety may make an early operation necessary on account of
their location.

Symptoms Calling for an Operation. Size of the tumor; from the pressure
symptoms; persistent bleeding from the womb. Sometimes it is necessary to
remove the entire womb, especially in the interstitial variety, for the
walls of the womb may be filled with the tumors.



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