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For a Broken Collar Bone

Category: Accidents, Emergencies and Poisons

Place the patient on his back if he is to be
moved and put a firm pad in the arm pit and bind the arm to the side with
the forearm across the chest; or if you have a roll of adhesive plaster
two or three inches wide, after putting a pad in the arm pit (sometimes
this is not necessary) put the adhesive strip around the arm midway to the
shoulder. The arm should be lifted up and a little back. Run the strip of
adhesive plaster around the body and fasten to the first part. Then put
another strip fast to the band around the arm and run this down around the
bent elbow and over the forearm placed on the chest, the fingers pointing
to the sound shoulder. This strip can pass over the sound collar bone and
fasten to the strip about the body. If it is put on properly, the injured
part will feel comfortable.

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