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344. Borax as a Purifier for Ice Box

Borax is an invaluable aid to the
woman who wishes to keep her ice box immaculate. It is especially
desirable for use in small refrigerators where little food is kept, and
where ice is kept more for the purpose of preserving butter and milk and
keeping bottled water cool. Cold water with plenty of pure borax, is
preferable to hot water to use in wiping off the walls of the
refrigerator. It does not heat the box and, being a germ killer, it
purifies everything it touches. It may also he put in the corners of the
refrigerator. Its best use of all is perhaps in keeping the receptacle for
the ice itself and the outside tube in pure and sanitary condition. It may
be sprinkled freely over the bottom of the ice box proper and on the rack
holding the ice.

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