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Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

No hook greater than a right angle should be used through

endoscopic tubes; for should it become caught in some of the smaller

bronchi its extraction might result in serious trauma. The half curved

hook shown in Fig. 38 is the safest type; better still, a spiral twist

to the hook will add to its uses, and by reversing the turning motion

it may be unscrewed out if it becomes caught. Hooks may easily be

made from rods of
malleable steel by heating the end in a spirit lamp

and shaping the curve as desired by means of a pin-vise and pliers.

About 2 cm. of the proximal end of the rod should be bent in exactly

the opposite direction from that of the hook so as to form a handle

which will tell the position of the hook by touch as well as by sight.

Coil-spring hooks for the upper-lobe-bronchus (Fig. 39) will reach

around the corner into the ascending bronchus of the

upper-lobe-bronchus, but the utmost skill and care are required to

make their use justifiable.

[FIG. 39.--Author's coil-spring hook for the upper-lobe, bronchus]