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Sources: An Epitome Of Homeopathic Healing Art

This symptom or affection, (if it can be classed as a disease) may

depend upon so many causes, and be so very different in its effects,

degrees of intensity, and the kind of pain or sensation attending it,

that one will find it very difficult to mark out any definite treatment.

I shall, therefore, only point out some of the more frequent cases, and

the indications for certain remedies.

What is called "_si
k headache_," or "nervous headache," begins by a

sense of blindness or blur, before the eyes, of green or purple colors,

dazzling or swimming in the head, without, for some time at first, any

positive aching or pain. In the course of an hour, a longer or shorter

time, the dimness of vision goes off, and the head begins to ache. This

may or may not be accompanied with nausea and vomiting. Some persons are

always more or less sick at the stomach, when these "nervous headaches"

come on, others are not thus affected.


If taken as soon as the first blur before the eyes is noticed, or before

any pain is felt in the head, _Nux Vomica_ will, in nearly all cases,

arrest the disease at once. It may be necessary to take two or three

doses at intervals of an hour. Later in the case, though _Nux_ may

palliate, it will not cure.

If headache with sickness comes on, _Macrotin_ and _Podoph._ should be

given in alternation, every half hour, if the symptoms are very severe,

and the nausea great; but in a mild case, give it once an hour,

lengthening the interval as the symptoms abate.

If the feet are cold, as is often the case, putting them into hot water

will palliate the symptoms, and not interfere with the medicines.

If the head feels hot, apply _hot_ water to it. Never apply cold to the

head, when there are any symptoms of congestion, as of fullness of the

blood vessels. For

Common Headache,

If the face is red, and the arteries of the neck and temples throb

violently, give _Bell._ If there is paleness and faintness, _Pulsatilla_

is the remedy, especially if the forehead is principally affected. If

the pain is mostly in the back of the head, _Nux_ is to be used; if in

the front, and is sharp, affecting the eyes, _Aconite_; if at the angles

of the forehead, with a sense of pinching, _Arnica_; if a sense of

fullness and pressing outwards, or with an enlarged feeling, _Macrotin_;

if intermitting or remitting, _Mercurius_; if there is ringing in the

ears, _China_. Headache from fright should have _Aconite_.

For that kind of _headache_ that often occurs during the prevalence of

fevers, and is not unfrequently a premonitory symptom of an attack of

fever, I have found _Baptisia_ and _Podophyllin_ to be specifics. I give

them alternately, every two hours a dose, until the headache ceases. It

often subsides in a few minutes after the first dose of either, though I

have sometimes failed with one alone and succeeded in the same cases

afterwards with both in alternation. _I have no doubt_ but that they act

in many cases, as _Prophylactics_, entirely warding off and preventing

fevers, or at least arresting them at the premonitory stage.

_Podophyllin_ is a most valuable remedy for headache.