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Safety-pin Closer

Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

There are a number of methods for the endoscopic

removal of open safety-pins when the point is up, one of which is by

closing the pin with the instrument shown in Fig. 37 in the following

manner. The oval ring is passed through the endoscope until it is

beyond the spring of the safety-pin, the ring is then turned upward by

depressing the handle, and by the aid of the prong the pin is pushed

into the ring, which action approximates the point of the pin and the

keeper and closes the pin. Removal is then less difficult and without

danger. This instrument may also be used as a mechanical spoon, in

which case it may be passed to the side of a difficultly grasped

foreign body, such as a pebble, the ring elevated and the object

withdrawn. Elsewhere will be found a description of the

various safety-pin closers devised by various endoscopists. The author

has used Arrowsmith's closer with much satisfaction.