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Unfavorable Symptoms

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

are: A fetid breath, with ulceration and sloughing of the throat and

glands; a smarting and weakening diarrhoea; involuntary evacuations of

the bowels; dizziness, deafness, coma, grinding of the teeth; retention

of urine; petechiae; a rapid decline of the patient's strength; a quick,

small, weak pulse; rapid breathing; twitchings, tetanus, hiccough,

&c.--Closing up of the nose frequently precedes a dangerous affection of

the brain. A sudden disappearance of the rash, or of the inflammation of

the throat, is a bad omen. With such symptoms as these, there is usually

little or no rash, and the little there is, of a pale, livid color, and

the skin, in general, inactive.