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Ulcers Case Xxii

Sources: Application Of The Lunar Caustic In The Cure Of Certain Wounds And Ulcers

J. Copeland, blacksmith, aged 38, came to me with many deep

ulcerations, from the size of a horse bean to that of a pea, attended

with great pain, heat, itching and excoriations of the surrounding

skin, obliging him to rest at different times, for several days

together. These ulcers came without any apparent cause, have continued

for many weeks, and have only been a little benefitted by rest,

although he has applied ma
y kinds of ointment, the last consisting of

equal parts of mercurial and of the tar ointment. I applied the lunar

caustic upon each ulcer, but not over the excoriation, and I enjoined

the patient to leave the whole exposed to dry.

On the following day, I was gratified to find that eschars had formed

upon every ulcer; upon examination, a little fluid was found to

subsist under several of the larger eschars; this I evacuated, and I

then applied the lunar caustic to the points from which it had issued

to make up the breach of continuity of the eschars over the surface of

the ulcers. There was far less inflammation and scarcely any pain, and

he has continued his occupation of blacksmith.

On the third day nearly all the eschars were adherent; three, however,

had unfortunately been removed by an accident; I renewed them by again

applying the caustic.

In four days after the last report, most of the eschars had separated

from the smallest ulcers leaving the parts healed.

In a day or two more, my patient took cold and was affected with

hoarseness and cough, and the skin round the eschar became excoriated

a little. I directed a saline purgative and applied the lunar caustic

to the excoriated parts.

On the succeeding day his cold was better and the eschars adherent. I

directed five grains of the Plummer's pill to be taken night and

morning, which he continued about a week.

Five days after this period, I again observed a disposition to

excoriate. I applied the caustic.

In two days more, the eschars were adherent, and there was no further

appearance of excoriation.

In ten more days, the eschars had separated and all the ulcers and

excoriations were completely healed.

This case occurred several years ago, and there has been no return of

the affliction whatever.