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Vitamins For Young Persons And Children

Categories: Vitamins and Other Food Supplements
Sources: How And When To Be Your Own Doctor

Young healthy people from weaning through their thirties should also

take nutritional supplements even though young people usually feel

so good that they find it impossible to conceive that anything could

harm them or that they ever could become seriously sick or actually

die. I know this is true because I remember my own youth and

besides, why else would young people so glibly ride motorcycles or,

after only a few mon
hs of brainwashing, charge up a hill into the

barrel of a machine gun. Or have unsafe sex in this age of multiple

venereal diseases. Until they get a little sense, vitamin

supplements help to counteract their inevitable and unpreventable

use of recreational foods. Vitamins are the cheapest long life and

health insurance plan now available. Parents are generally very

surprised at the thought that even their children need nutritional

supplements; very few healthy children receive them. A few are given

extra vitamin C when acutely ill, when they have colds or

communicable diseases such as chicken pox.

Young people require a low dose supplement compared to those of us

middle-aged or older, but it should be a broad formula with the full

range of vitamins and minerals. Some of the best products I have

found over 25 years of research and experimentation with young

people are Douglas Cooper's "Basic Formula" (low dose and excellent

for children) and "Super T Formula" (double the dose of Basic

Formula, therefore better for adolescents and young adults), also

from Douglas Cooper Company; Bronson's "Vitamin and Mineral Formula

for Active Men and Women" and Bronson's "Insurance Formula."

"Vitamin 75 Plus;" and "Formula 2" from Now Natural Foods are also

good and less costly.

Healthy very small children who will swallow pills can take these

same products at half the recommended dose. If they won't swallow

pills the pills can be blended into a fruit smoothie or finely

crushed and then stirred into apple sauce. There are also

"Children's Chewable Multi-Vitamins + Iron" (1-5 years old) from

Douglas Cooper that contains no minerals except iron, Bronson's

"Chewable Vitamins" (make sure it is the one for small children,

Bronson makes several types of chewables) and a liquid vitamin

product from Bronson called Multivitamin Drops for Infants. These

will be a little more costly than cutting pills in half.

There is also an extraordinarily high quality multivitamin/mineral

formula for children called "Children's Formula Life Extension Mix"

from Prolongevity, Ltd. (the Life Extension Foundation), it is in

tablet form, and slightly more expensive.

I hope that my book will be around for several generations. The

businesses whose vitamin products I recommend will not likely exist

in twenty years. Even sooner than that the product names and details

of the formulations will almost certainly be altered. So, for future

readers discovering this book in a library or dusty shelve of a used

book store, if I, at my current level of understanding, were

manufacturing a childrens and young adults vitamin formula myself,

this is what it would contain. Any commercial formulation within 25

percent of these figures plus or minus would probably be fine as

long as the vitamins in the pills were of high quality.

Vitamin C 500 mg B-1 30 mg

Vitamin E 50 iu B-2 30 mg

Vitamin A 500 iu B-3 niacinamide 100 mg

Vitamin D 25 iu B-5 50 mg

Magnesium 100 mg B-6 30 mg

Calcium 400 mg B-12 30 mcg

Selenium 10 mcg Chromium 20 mcg

Manganese 2 mcg Biotin 30 mg

Zinc 5 mg Iodine (as kelp) 5 mg

PABA 20 mg Bioflavinoids 100 mg