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Categories: Homeopathy

Acute inflammation of the small intestines.

Aconite 2X dil. Put ten drops in a glass half full of water and give one

to two teaspoonfuls everyone to three hours. When it is at the

commencement, caused by cold, with dry skin, dry tongue and fever.

Arsenicum alb. 3X trit. (tablet form). One to two tablets every one to two

hours, when the pains are burning, tearing, cutting in the bowels,

restless and
anxious, vomiting and thirsty.

Belladonna 3X dil. Prepare and give as usual. When the ordinary symptoms

are accompanied by delirium or spasms with throbbing head.

Chamomilla 1X dil. For children during teething, with foul green diarrhea.

Mercurius 3X trit. (tablet form). One to two tablets everyone to three

hours with usual pains, pasty, coated tongue, foul breath, painful

diarrhea with it.

Nux Vomica 3X trit. (tablet form). One to two tablets every one to three

hours. Caused by sudden suppression of piles, especially in drinkers and

high livers, with lazy habits.