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Readily identified by smell of tar or carbolic. Wash mouth wel...

Treatment Of Pseudo-anginas

The treatment of these pseudo-angibas depends, of course, on ...

My Beginning

_Tis a gift to be simple Tis a gift to be free, Tis a gift ...


If this grain is well grown and thoroughly well cooked, it wil...

Bronchial Dilators

It is not uncommon to find a stricture of the bronchus super...

Potato The

The proper cooking of this root is so important for health, ow...

Ulcers Case Xxvi

The following case occurred in the person of a lady with vari...


This symptom or affection, (if it can be classed as a disease...


Radium and the therapeutic roentgenray are today our only ef...

Pimples On The Face

See Face. ...

Brain Impressions

THE mere idea of a brain clear from false impressions gives a...

Fever Typhoid

Treat as under Fever, Gastric, and Fever. In addition, great c...

Classification Of Cardiac Disturbances

For the sake of discussing the therapy of cardiac disturban...


See Hearing. ...


(1) Nerve or imaginary chills. These are feelings of cold, whe...

Vocal Results

A whispering voice can always be had as long as air can pass...

About Faces

WATCH the faces as you walk along the street! If you ...

Diet And Corpulence

A tendency to obesity should always be carefully checked by at...

Training For Motion

"IN every new movement, in every unknown attitude nee...

Removal Of Foreign Bodies From The Larynx

Symptoms and Diagnosis.--The history of a sudden choking atta...

Stage 3 Passing Through The Thoracic Esophagus

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

The thoracic
esophagus will be seen to expand during inspiration and contract
during expiration, due to the change in thoracic pressure. The
esophagoscope usually glides easily through the thoracic esophagus if
the patient's position is correct. After the levels of the aorta and
left bronchus are passed the lumen of the esophagus seems to have a
tendency to disappear anteriorly. The lumen must be kept in axial view
and the head lowered as required for this purpose.

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