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Punctures Case Iii

A female servant punctured the end of the finger by a pin; th...

To Prevent Colds

Keep the _arms_, _hands_ and _chest_ well clothed and warm. ...

Other Forms Of Rest

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It has been estimated that 70 per cent of stenoses of the es...


If an attack comes on from sudden cold, take _Aconite_ and _I...

Water On The Chest

Sometimes a large watery swelling appears in one part or anoth...


In serious cases of this trouble, the patient awakes some time...

A Summing Up

GIVE up resentment, give up unhealthy resistance. ...

Nervous Strain In The Emotions

THE most intense suffering which follows a misuse of ...

Training For Rest

BUT how shall we gain a natural repose? It is absurd ...


While the usually thin, watery esophageal and gastric secret...

Pulmonary Insufficiency Pulmonary Regurgitation

If this rare condition occurs, it is probably congenital. A ...

How To Sleep Restfully

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There are cases in which the outer skin has been taken off by ...

Hepatization Of Lungs

Take A D current, pretty strong force. Treat in front, over t...


In every person there is a certain amount only of force which i...

Cuprum Aceticum

(_Acetate of Copper Verdigris_) applied to _Cancerous_ ulcers...

Skin Care Of

Among the vast majority of people air and water far too seldom...


It is essential that the patient on whom the examination is t...

Finding Your Ideal Dietary

Anyone that is genuinely interested in having the best possib...

Ulceration Of The Esophagus

Source: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

Superficial erosions of the esophagus are by no means an uncommon
accompaniment of the stagnation of food and secretions. From the
irritation they produce, spastic stenosis may occur, thus constituting
a vicious circle; the spasm of the esophagus increases the stagnation
which in turn results in further inflammation and ultimate ulceration.
Healing of such ulcers may result in cicatricial contraction and
organic stenosis. Ulceration may follow trauma by instrument, foreign
body, or corrosive.

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