Ulcers Case Xxiii

Sources: Application Of The Lunar Caustic In The Cure Of Certain Wounds And Ulcers

Mr. Marshall, aged 60, had a troublesome ulcer under the outer ankle,

of an oblong form and of the size of sixpence. He has been long

subject to ulcers of the legs, and he had a similar ulcer to the

present one in the same situation, some years ago, which proved

extremely difficult to heal under usual remedies. The veins are

varicose.--From the small size of the ulcer, I applied the lunar

caustic and protected the eschar by the gold-beater's skin.

On the following day, I found the eschar complete but unadherent by

the effusion of a little fluid; this I evacuated daily in the manner

already described, for about a fortnight, when the eschar became


During the progress of the cure a little excoriation formed round the

eschar. I touched the parts with the caustic, and the eschar thus

formed served to support that formerly made, and so to do good. The

whole adhered until the sore was very nearly healed; but as it was

situated in a part greatly exposed, it was removed by accident. The

caustic was again applied; fluid formed underneath the eschar as

before and required evacuating thrice; but at length the eschar

adhered, and in due time separated leaving the ulcer quite healed.

The same patient has since been affected by similar ulcers at

different times in different parts of the leg. He applied early and

they were each time easily cured by one application of the caustic. He

has also twice had injuries upon the shin, which were readily cured in

the same manner.