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Category: Infectious Diseases

This is an acute self-limited disease and contagious. It
has a mild fever, watery eyes, cough, sore throat and enlargement of the
glands of the neck, not seen in the common measles. It has an eruption
that may come the first day to the fourth.

Incubation Period Runs. From fifteen to twenty days.

Rash. Just before the rash appears there is a headache, nausea and
irritation of the bronchial tubes. The eruption is so similar to that of
measles at the outset that it is hard to differentiate between them. The
eruption in the mouth, however, is not so characteristic. Before the
appearance of the eruption, the glands on the back of the neck and angles
of the jaw may be enlarged. At the time of its appearance the glands in
the armpits and groin become enlarged to the size of a bean and bigger,
and they remain enlarged for weeks after the eruption has disappeared.

Treatment. Similar to the measles if any is needed.

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