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Category: Respiratory Diseases

(Foul odor from nose, not breath, due to catarrh of the nose). The
membrane is dry and shrunken. It is a very offensive odor, thus called

Causes. It is usually seen in people who are very much debilitated, in
young factory girls, and sometimes in healthy boys. Retained secretions in
the nose, usually cause the odor. These decompose and ferment. The nose is
large and roomy, the nostrils are filled with scabby secretions; hard
masses are formed which sometimes fill the nostril.

PHYSICIANS' TREATMENT. The first few weeks, cleansing the nose with
peroxide of hydrogen will stop the odor. First, remove the scabs with
forceps and then wash and cleanse the nose with the peroxide solution. It
can be used from one-quarter strength to full strength, but warm. This
will leave the nose in a foamy, soapy condition and this can be cleansed
with a mild solution of glyco-thymoline or salt water.

HOME TREATMENT. This is very important. The patient should use a douche
three or four times a day. In the solution glyco-thymoline or borolyptol
one or two teaspoonfuls to one-half cup of warm water, and follow by a
nebulizer or atomizer in which the following solution can be used:

1. Lysol 10 drops
Oil of Pine 15 drops
Liquid Alboline 2 ounces

Mix and make a solution, spray into the nose after douching.

2. The following ointment can be used if there is no atomizer or nebulizer
at hand:

Iodol 5 grains
Boric Acid 10 grains
Cold cream 2 ounces

Mix and make into an ointment, and rub a little into each nostril before

3. Dr. Ferguson of New York uses the following: A new antiseptic enzymol.
This is used as follows. Use one part of enzymol, three parts of warm
water. Rub and cleanse the nose thoroughly with the solution, saturate a
piece of absorbent cotton with this solution, place it in the nostril and
leave it there fifteen to twenty minutes.

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