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Mechanical Spoon

Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

When soft, friable substances, such as a bolus of

meat, become impacted in the upper esophagus, the short mechanical

spoon (Fig. 30) used through the esophageal speculum is of great aid

in their removal. The blade in this instrument, as the name suggests,

is a spoon and is not fenestrated as is the safety-pin closer, which

if used for friable substances would allow them to slip through the

fenestration. A longer form for use through bronchoscopes and

esophagoscopes is shown in Fig. 36.

A laryngeal curette, cautery electrodes, cautery handle, and laryngeal

knife are illustrated in Fig. 34. The cautery is to be used with a

transformer, or a storage battery.