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Relaxation Of Treatment Towards The End Of The Third Period Continuation Of Packs During And After Desquamation

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

When the patient is through the first part of the period of

efflorescence the symptoms decrease, and he will be easier. Under the

treatment prescribed, the time when the excitement is highest, is much

abridged, and usually the treatment can be relaxed in less than

twenty-four hours. When the patient is easier, the treatment may be

given as in the milder form of scarlatina anginosa, with due regard to

the state of the throat. In proportion as the heat abates, the packs

should not be repeated so often, the sheet not changed; the patient

should stay longer in the packs, and the baths should be shorter. The

sitz-bath would then be out of season. The packing should be repeated

whenever the symptoms increase again; but even if they should not, one

pack and bath a day are necessary.