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Putrid Symptoms Gargle Solution Of Chloride Of Soda Drink: Chlorate Of Potass Liquor Calcii-chloridi

Sources: Hydriatic Treatment Of Scarlet Fever In Its Different Forms

Should _putrid symptoms_ make their appearance (21), I would strongly

advise the acid in full and repeated doses, as well as the frequent

repetition of the packs. In putrid cases, not only the syrup, but also

the gargle will do good service. Gargling is so much the more advisable

as the putrid matter should be frequently removed. If nothing else can

be had, pure water or water and vinegar may be used. The temperature of

the gargle should be about 70 deg.-75 deg. Fahrenheit. For the same purpose, the

_aqua chlorina_, and the _chloride of soda_ have been strongly

recommended. A few drops of the solution may be used, also, on the

compress outside.