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Removal Of Growth From The Laryngeal Ventricle

Sources: A Manual Of Peroral Endoscopy And Laryngeal Surgery

After exposing

the larynx in the usual manner, if the head is turned strongly to the

right, the tip of the laryngoscope, directed from the right side of

the mouth, may be used to lift the left ventricular hand and thus

expose the ventricle, from which a growth may be removed in the usual

manner (Fig. 57). The right ventricle is exposed by working from the

left side of the mouth.

[FIG. 57.-Sch
ma illustrating the lateral method of exposing a growth

in the ventricle of Morgagni, by bending the patient's head to the

opposite side, while the second assistant externally fixes the larynx

with his hand. M, Patient's mouth; T, thyroid cartilage; R, right

side; L, left. V, B, ventricular band. C, C, vocal cord. The circular

drawing indicates the endoscopic view obtainable by this method. The

tube, E, is dropped to the corner of the mouth, B, and the tube is

inserted down to R. The lip of the spatula can then be used to lift

the ventricular band so as to expose more of the ventricle. The

drawing shows an unusually shallow ventricle.]