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Punctures Case Xii

Sources: Application Of The Lunar Caustic In The Cure Of Certain Wounds And Ulcers

A servant maid was bitten by a dog in four places--severely on the

forearm--three days ago. Adhesive plaster had been applied. There is a

wound across the arm two inches in length and three-fourths of an inch

in breadth, attended by dull pain, and swelling of the arm. I applied

the caustic to form an eschar, covering it with goldbeater's skin.

On the following day the eschar remained adherent round the edges, but

had a puffy feel in the centre; I pierced it with a penknife and a

little bloody fluid escaped, and I touched the orifice thus made with

the caustic. The swelling remained as before, with a degree of


On the next day the swelling had subsided. The eschar had the same

character; a little fluid was again evacuated and the caustic applied

to the orifice as before.

This mode of treatment was pursued for nine successive days when the

eschar remained adherent in every part.

This patient continued her usual avocations all along. Under any other

plan of treatment I think it impossible that she should not have been

compelled to rest for a number of days.

Adherent eschars were formed on the other three bites which were less

severe, from the first application.

A very irritable sore sometimes forms after the application of

leeches. I knew one lady who was confined during five weeks with

several sores on her foot from such a case. I have no doubt that the

application of the caustic would have prevented all the inconvenience

and suffering she experienced. This observation will be confirmed by

the following case.